Saturday, January 26, 2013

500 Active Member Milestone!!


As of this morning my local time, The RPG Blog Alliance has hit a new milestone. We just hit 500 active members. I find this number amazing to say the least. As some you may know when I first decided to this, I was thinking that maybe we would have 50 sites. The fact that we have 10 times that amount today that are active just floors me. I want to thank all the members of the RPGBA because you are the people that make the RPGBA what it is.

RPG Blog Alliance Administrator.


  1. Nice! Always nice when you can hit your goal and beat it by that much. Congrats!

  2. Todd the important thing is I when I first worked on the RSS/Atom pull code it was slow and would only do maybe 50 sites well. Luckily, I found an issue with the way I was doing things in the code that was causing the slowdown and was eating up memory. Once I rewrote that, I seemed to be able to handle a few hundred sites no problem. And now that code hasn't changed in the two years since I finalized it. Without that change, there would have been no way the RPGBA could have gotten to this size.