Thursday, January 10, 2013

RPGBA Sites Back Online!


Sorry about the hack. I'm not sure exactly why we were hacked. I'm glad to say that I think I have gotten about 98% of the sites back in the approval status. There may be a few sites that I'm still missing. So please check the member listing page and if your site isn't listed, please shoot us an email and re-apply your site.

For those of you with sites on the RPGBA as a precaution, I have invalidated everyone's password. You can request a password reset by using the following link. Please note that the email may end up in your SPAM filter/folder. So please check there first. If you still don't get it, please contact me.

As a side note, I will never reject an established site unless I have attempted to connect the site owner first to resolve whatever issue we have. Almost all the sites that I've ever rejected is because there was no valid feed and I was unable to communicate with the site owner. Also, I will always send a followup email and explain why a site has been rejected.

I've changed every password I can think of, hopefully this prevents future situations. Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.



  1. Hi just got the email saying my site has been rejected. Sorry to hear about your hack. the email says to contact you via the forum, but I don't see any link on the site for that. So I'm hoping I'm in the right spot. My site rss feed is


  2. I am waiting on the email, and then I will need to find my RSS feed info again to submit it.

  3. I did get the password reset but it didn't seem to help or matter, and the email hasn't come in for me to re-include my blogsite yet, but I am waiting.