Wednesday, May 15, 2013

RPGBA Twitter Account Suspsended


I was informed by a follower this morning (my time), that they couldn't find the RPGBA twitter account. I thought that odd. So I went to take a look. And guess what, they were right, it is missing. Seems Twitter decided to suspend the account. We are currently trying to appeal the suspension. That is going to take a few days to hear back from. I'm still not sure why they don't send an email to you when they suspend your account.

All of which leaves us with the issue of no Twitter feed. I'm not sure actually what to do about it other than the appeal that I've done. If they turn it back on, then great. If they don't we have about two options. One is that I create a new Twitter account. Which may not be a good thing if I never know why the suspended the old account or we just don't have a twitter account. Not sure which way to go yet. I'll keep everyone in the loop as I know more.

- Jeff


  1. I had the exact same thing happen to me on Friday of last week. My account just got randomly suspended without warning or notification.

    I sent them an e-mail about it through their help system Monday morning and by this morning (Wednesday) my account had been reenabled. I'm not sure exactly when it came back but it wasn't working yesterday afternoon and it was this morning. And just as when they turned it off, there was no notification that it was active again.

    Hopefully your issue is resolved just as quickly.

  2. Thanks for the info. It's even worse for us because I don't normally send out any normal tweets but rather use a third party application to tweet the new posts.