Friday, November 22, 2013

Results of Survey

Greetings Members of the RPGBA,

Let me start by saying thank you all for taking the time to do the survey. The current 169 response was far more than I expected to get and with around 560+ sites on the RPGBA, I think it's a good sample size to judge things from. Here are the results that I have gotten so far.

1. Do you see an increase in Traffic by being a member of the RPGBA?

Value   Count   Percent %
Yes     123             72.8%
No          46          27.2%

2. Do you monitor the RSS Feed?

Value   Count   Percent %
Yes     82              48.5%
No          87          51.5%

3. Do you use the RPGBA Twitter Account?

Value   Count   Percent %
Yes     51              30.2%
No          118         69.8%

4. Do you get any value from being a member of the RPGBA?

Value   Count   Percent %
Yes     138             81.7%
No          31          18.3%

In addition there were two free from texts that i am still reading through.
5. If you get value from the RPGBA, what sort of value?
6. Are there any additional Comments?

Overall, I have to say the responses were fairly positive. In truth there were a few surprises to me. The first being how high the Twitter Feed monitor went. 30.2% doesn't sound high on the surface but it is higher than the 10% I sort of expected. The RSS feed at 48.5% was actually a little lower than I expected but still not far off from the 60% I was sort of expecting. Lastly while only 72.8% saw an increase in traffic, 81.7% found value in being a member of the RPGBA. The write in comments that I have read so far have been really postive and there are a few good ideas in there as well. I'm going to review all them and likely send out another email and blog post to comment on them.

At this point, I guess some of you may be wondering what this all means? It means that it will be worth my effort to go through every line of custom code and related libraries that make the RPGBA work and review it for security holes. One thing for sure is that I'm likely going to need to simplify the structure a bit because the more complex the structure the easier it is for a hacker to hide stuff (some of the bad code I've already found was hidden 4 directories deep). I may even do an enhancement or two, but I'll have to see how much time the code review is going to take, so no promises there.

Again, thanks for all the postive support that you the membership of the RPGBA has given me.


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  1. Two years ago, I tried to join the RPG Bloggers Network. I filled out the application, answered all of their questions, and received a boilerplate reply that they'd received it and would get back to me as quickly as possible.

    I never heard back. I followed up with them a month later, and still didn't get a reply. I assume this is their passive-aggressive way of saying "We don't want you here, Erin."

    Meanwhile, when I applied to join the RPGBA, you guys got back to me within the week, if not sooner. YOU let me into your network. YOU got me new readers. YOU helped me become a more successful blogger.

    You're doing good work, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.