Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spammers, Hackers, and the Value of the RPBGA


It's hard to admit but the RPGBA has once again been the target of Drug Site Spammer. I rather not get into the details but basically, if one did a search for the RPGBA in Google, they would get result that makes it look like the RPGBA sells mail order drugs or something. This is not a new thing for the RPGBA it's something that we been fighting quite a bit off and on for a few years. Not to mention the few hacking attempts we've had over the years as well.

This all brings us to the question is there value in keeping the RPGBA around? After all, there is no charge for membership and all the costs in time and money (and sometimes sanity) are pretty much mine.

So, I'd like you guys to take survey with a few yes or no questions. Please answer as honest as you can.

You can find the survey here


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  1. I'm a big-name blog these days (somehow...) and the other RPGBloggers feed accounted for 446 hits to my blog last month, while this one accounted for 34 hits.



    That said, neither one is a noticeable number for my blog as I'm averaging well over 1k hits per day (1,500 per day for the last week or so).